Air Force One The Final Mission

The Official Emblem

The official emblem of Air Force One: The Final Mission is symbolic of many things.  The Eagle, of course, being our National bird, has always been emblazoned on the seal of the President of the USA.  The Eagle here, is protected by the red, white, and blue shield of defense.  In her arms are the olive branches and arrows that symbolize “peace through strength”. 


The 27000 under the Eagle’s tail represents the tail number of the most historical Air Force One ever flown.  The seven stars on the official emblem represent the seven US Presidents who have flown aboard this aircraft. 


Finally, the image of Air Force One on this official emblem symbolizes this aircraft flying around the world.  She has flown more air miles than any other Air Force One in history.  The AF-1 “swoosh” also represents the authors’ belief that she is now on her continuing and perpetual ‘Final Mission’ to educate the youth and citizens of the world.  Air Force One is the ultimate symbol of freedom and power.  That symbol is perceived by all who view her. 


© 2006 Joel Cohen and Michael Cohen

Air Force One The Final Mission
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